Wrap Jumps – Clicker Dog Agility Training

July 2nd, 2012


Pamela Johnson spends a lot of her time making free how-to youtube videos on a variety of topics. Some of these include agility, canine freestyle, tricks, behavior modification, puppy training, and cat tricks.
“It is my dream to have my own facility. A place to provide large group seminars or host a dog camp. With several dog sports fields, a doggie swimming center, herding rings, and a freestyle arena I envision a place where people bring their dogs to learn and have fun! ” Donations are appreciated!

Have a great day!

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Shih-Tzu Learning Shake-a-Paw Dog Trick

July 2nd, 2012


Watch as I teach my Shih-Tzu Macy the Shake-a-Paw dog trick using a training clicker and some tasty dog treats.

Clicker dog training is the best way to teach your dog tricks.

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Puppy Leave It- Clicker Dog Training Tips

July 2nd, 2012

Puppy Leave It- Clicker Dog Training Tips

Kikopup spends nearly all of her time making free training videos and educating the public for free. If you would like to make a donation to support her work, simply go to the link below and click on the donate button. You can donate as little or much as you like. My dream would be to be able to support myself from creating free content that everyone around the world could access no matter what their situation! http://www.dogmantics.com/Site_5/Donate.html

Teaching ‘Leave It’ to a puppy is actually easier than teaching it to an adult dog. Remember to continue to raise criteria as you go, puppies can figure things out as fast as lighting, and if you don’t keep raising criteria as your puppy succeeds you will get trapped on the same level of behavior.

Once your puppy can leave food in your hand on the floor, see if your puppy can leave uncovered food. Then try different types of food, in different locations! Add your cue! Add distance! Stay tuned for leave it series 3 where you will learn how to create distance as well as use the cue for other things such as leaving other dogs, people and other distractions besides food.

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How to get my dog to stay during agility training.?

July 1st, 2012

My dog is a Doberman and he runs off when I let him off his leash and doesn’t come back when I call him. I practice in my yard and it is fenced in but when I let him off his leash he doesn’t come and I try everything I call him, I try training him to come back when I call him, and also try to use treats to get him back. I don’t know what to do!!!

Doberman’s are very intelligent dogs. I think the main problem people have with training is that they are sometimes "too nice" (as in they treat their dogs like people… and not dogs!). Dogs thrive on strong personalities- they enjoy being part of a "pack".

1. Try teaching him leashed first, and then when he has that down, you can remove it. This way you can discipline him (a sharp vocal command and a jerk if necessary) if he doesn’t obey.
2. Only give a treat when he stays for a few seconds (so he understands what the treat is for). If he moves, correct him.

Most importantly: be consistent! My Corgi also likes to test me to see what she can get away with 😛

This might be helpful: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kd6wRqJE1r8

Good luck!

Dog agility training? Experts please..?

June 28th, 2012

I have a black lab and collie mix (but looks more like a lab) who is about three years old. I really want to start dog agility training with her, but how would I do it? And how long would we have to do it before she can compete?
Here are some questions I want to ask:

1. Can only pure-bred dogs compete?

2. What supplies and equipment would I need, and since I don’t have a lot of money right now, what are some household items that I can change a little to use as equipment?

3. How would I start training her?

And any more facts? Please help, thnx!

1. The AKC allows fixed mixed breed dogs to compete. Also some "dog clubs" allow all dogs to compete in agility. That is what I do with my dog since he can’t be fixed due to a medical issue

2. I have a set in my back yard. I bought it online from petco so it isn’t the best set I have but, it was relatively cheap so you can buy it on a budget. This is what I have – http://www.petco.com/product/113665/Kyjen-Dog-Agility-Starter-Kit-Obstacle-Course-Dog-Agility-Set.aspx?CoreCat=OnSiteSearch .

Another thing I did is to create jumps and tunnels using tables, chairs, benches and blankets. I taught my 1st agility dog to weave using my legs. I figured if he could eave through my legs he could weave through poles. I was right. The local park had many things I used as jumps. such as the lion shaped sprinklers, the park barriers, and kids. He would weave through a line of four year olds. Never knocking one over. It worked out wonderful for him.

3. Take her to a local agility club in your area. To find one type Dog Agility clubs in _______<—wherever you live. When you get there ask for a trainer. Or you can do what I did which was to just buy a book on the subject and watch others do it. I have been competing in agility with different dogs since I was 12. The books I read were " The beginners Guide To Dog Agility" by Laurie Leach, "Excelling at Dog Agility" by Jane Simmons. The latter is a series. If you Google Dog agility books they are actually the 1st to show up. That’s how I found them in the 1st place. When you take her near the equipment don’t force her to get on it. Let her make her own decisions. If you have to seriously force her to do a jump or A frame then Agility may not be the sport for her. That’s okay there are many other sports out there for dogs. Forcing her may make her stop trusting you.

You are lucky to have a dog who’s breeds excel agility. At out dog club my dogs only competition is a Border collie and a Border collie lab mix.

Daisy the Agility Pug Best Trained

June 25th, 2012

Video of Daisy the Pug doing dog agility training

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Belgian Malinois, Dog Obedience Training Video

June 25th, 2012

http://harringtonsdogtraining.com has more information about how to train your dog.

Get your Free Dog Training Report: Have a Well Trained Dog in Four Easy Steps

In this dog obedience training video, I am teaching “Sid”, a 14 week old Belgian Malinois, to respond to my voice commands and hand gestures, to help him remain calm while we get ready to go for a walk. To get more tips and ideas about how to obedience train your dog, visit our training blog, http://knowyourdog.wordpress.com/ Please rate this video so others can find it, and leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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How to Train a Puppy to Sit and Stay – How To Train Your Dog

June 25th, 2012

http://bit.ly/jf4klr – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy!

How to Train a Puppy to Sit and Stay – How To Train Your Dog

Professional Dog Trainer Kathy Santo reviews three basic obedience training commands—sit, lie down and stay. When and how to get started and the importance of proper nutrition to the training process are also discussed.

How To Crate Train a Puppy – Crate Training Puppies

How To Feed a Puppy – How To Choose the Best Puppy Food

How To Take Care of a Puppy: Puppy’s First Vet Visit

How to Take Care of a Puppy: Bringing a Puppy Home

How to Pick a Puppy: Tips for Choosing a Puppy

Stop Puppy Biting: Training Puppies Not to Bite

Leash Training Puppies: How to Leash Train a Puppy

How to Housebreak a Puppy: Potty Training a Puppy

How to Take Care of a Puppy: Taking Care of Puppies

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Is it to early to start agility dog train?

June 25th, 2012

I started my dog’s agility train some months ago. She is 7 months and she already jumps pretty hight but only if she has a rope on her neck. I don’t know why but she only jumps like that. And if i don’t go with her she don’t jumps either. I’m afraid that maybe I started the entrainemen too early and maybe she is just not ready. What can i do? is 7 months too early? or she is just not a good dog to agility contests?
she is half labrador
PS – sorry for my bad english but in brazil’s yahoo anyone answers me…

Your dog needs to be obedience trained to do agility. Obedience train her first and then you will be able to join an agility club.

Dog obedience training?

June 25th, 2012

I just join this site and i need an answer for this -Dog obedience training, Thank you for respond.

Jim Alice is my name.

Ummm and your question is??? What exactly do you want to know about dog obedience training??